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Wedding videography on your special day captures the emotions of you and your loved ones around you.

We allow you to relive your big day with our services, whether it be a year after the wedding, showing your future children, or even on your 50th anniversary .
Video gives you the sounds and movements of one of the most memorable days of your life, hear your wedding day instead of just seeing it.

Every little detail, The anticipation. The excitement. All of the emotions. Speeches. Dancing. This will all be captured forever.

When we hit record on your wedding day, without a doubt we will do everything to capture the beautiful memories on this day. The day goes by so fast, and we want to make sure that you as well as your significant other don’t miss out on anything. You won’t be able to be at different locations to see everything on your wedding day, but your video will.

For those who can’t make the wedding day, this is the best way to share those memories and it will be cherished and appreciated by everyone. You can watch your wedding video again and again.

With our wedding videography services, you will truly be able to encapsulate the emotions through the screen.

Glasstown Productions is an award-winning visual production company offering videography for Weddings and Special Events. We listen to your ideas and create a plan to make it happen. We have the experience and equipment to get it done beautifully. Give us a call. Tell us what you have in mind.

What makes our videography services different from others is our prologue which is included with the the story package. The prologue shoot allows the bride and groom to reminisce on how they met and tell both sides of their love story. Couples choose special locations like where they met, the beach, their homes, and more. Many couples love to use this to add voice over to their wedding video and incorporate little stories you and your partner have shared together. Don’t feel pressured to use this portion in your wedding video, other couples have decided they want those little secrets to be kept a secret. Whether you choose the prologue interviews to be in your wedding video or for your eyes only. Glasstown Weddings & Events is here to capture your spectacular day.

Why choose us for video?

Our crew values their work, and wants to capture your day, as if it were our own special day. We work quick and efficiently and with pre-preparation, we know what look you are going for, what you definitely don’t want to be forgotten, and parts that you don’t necessarily want recorded. We want to take all the stress off of your shoulders and reassure you that even if you feel like you missed out on certain parts of the day, or it all happened so quick and the emotions got the best of you. Don’t worry we got you covered! We will be the other 4..5..6… set of eyes you wish you could have the day of the wedding.

Last but not least… CONGRATULATIONS

The Story Package

  • The Ceremony
  • 2 Cinematographers
  • 2 Cameras
  • Up to 8 hours
  • Prep, Ceremony, Reception
  • 2-5 minute Edit, Highlight Reel
  • 5-10 minute Edit of Ceremony
The Prologue Package

  • A filmed “couple” session at a location of your choice
  • Separate 1 on 1 interview with the couple
  • Option of incorporating “the prologue package” into your wedding video OR it’s own video